Platform releases

In this update we bundled a lot of great new improvements:

A new service which will improve they way you can edit your site. You are now able to add reoccurring modules in one place and add them on whatever page, on whatever position in your site by adding a placeholder for it. When you update that global module, it will update everywhere you added a placeholder for that module.

Search module
A search box you can add everywhere on your site, to make it easier and more obvious for your visitors to search the site. You can even narrow the search down to just search in news items, products, employees, …

We added more layout options on the news item lists, giving you more freedom on the style. We also added Finnish support in our Cision solution now. The Welcome Dashboard got a clean up and we highlight our growing WW Kundzon service.

We fixed some bugs in the new PinMeTo solution and in Vitec.

We made a PinMeTo integration that works together with our recent update with locations in 2.10.8.

This way you can connect your locations saved in PinMeTo to your Platform website, to list out offices, members, shops, restaurants, …

Here are some examples with PinMeTo

WW Platform 3.0 is a huge step forward. This will enable Wasabiweb for much greater improvements in WW Platform in the near future and will result in a far more direct support for you. A lot of the changes to 3.0 are done in the background and you, as a client, will not notice so much just now. What will change for you are the following things:

Updates of plugins and WordPress
We opened WW Platform more. You can now updated plugins and WordPress yourself without needing our support. This way, your site will be even more up to date than ever. We’ll keep track of the versions in our new internal tool as well and intervene if a major updates are necessary. No coder will be needed anymore to resolve this in te future. You can also add plugins yourself now. Note though that that doesn’t mean that all plugins will work out-of-the-box with WW Platform. Some might need extra development.

Getting live updates
As soon as your site will get update to version equal or higher then 3.0 you will get live updates on WW Platform. As soon as we make new modules, new features, fix bugs, you will get them straight away the second we deploy them. No more waiting time until we upgrade your site. This way, it could be nice to keep track of all updates on our site. We’re planning on building a mailinglist you can subscribe to too.

Because we will need less and less developers for small issues and updates, we will be able to help you quicker in support. Even if we need to code something for you, deploying that into your life site goes quicker than ever before.

Keep tuned in for future updates! For those using RSS feeds can already use this feed for now.

  • Module: We made a couple of new modules for our new content type ”locations”. This way you can visualise multiple restaurants, offices, shops, … in a list an on map. (This requires Google API Keys linked to an account with billing details).
  • Feature: We also updated the Logos v1 to be able to change the padding according to other modules.

  • Feature: You can now set the title sizes on many modules to 50% too.

  • Feature: Contact details in the footer can now be replaced by a free text field.
  • Bugfix: Fix Platform to work together with the updated Page Ordering plugin.
  • Feature: The update in 2.9.9 to hide the date on news items got extended to the other modules that list news items.
  • Internal: We opened up the back-end to have more possibilities on how we can send mail. This update will make it possible that Platform will be able to work together with more plugins that improve the delivery of mails.
  • Vitec: We created a new module Vitec Sold V1 to show recently sold objects.

Vitec Sold

  • Feature: We added a default styling to use <pre> and <code> in the editor.
The <pre> tag can be used to style a whole block of text.

The <code> tag can be used to just style an inline text part.

  • Bugfix: Fixing a banner preload issue.
  • Bugfix: Fixing an issue with the slider functions.
  • Feature: We wrote some experimental functions to do exceptional cache solutions on problematic pages.
  • Feature: We added TikTok as a social media option in Options > General to add in the footer.
  • Bugfix: An issue with the pagination on the search result page is resolved now.
  • Internal: We locked the ACF Pro plugin, so it can’t be disabled, since WW Platform needs this module to work.
  • Feature: Now you can hide the date on News List V3. Since this module is used to often show relevant related news articles, some clients prefer to not show the date that is less relevant in this case. Just check the ”Hide date” in the Layout tab of the module.

  • Vitec: Remove double tax data on some objects.
  • Feature: Update external link support in extra menu in header V2 and V3
  • Internal: Clean up deprecated code on archive settings.
  • Feature:  Possible to add icons next to the text on Half Image v1 module.

  • Feature: Until now, this check ”Hide single pages” would only prevent single pages to be clickable on the archive page. But from now on, the single pages will redirect (302) to the archive page if it is checked. If you want to remove them from the sitemap, you need to set the no-follow flag in Yoast SEO.

  • Bugfix: Fixing a bug when searching for password protected pages.
  • Admin: Improvement on how we work with Google API Keys in the WordPress Administration.
  • Internal: Not all updates are for our clients. Sometimes we update something that will improve our life as developers as well. This update will make the setup process for new projects easier and faster.
  • Feature – Improve the rendering of SVG logos and icons.
  • Admin – We fixed some layout issues and bugs in the Admin. From now on, every user can choose its own language in the Admin. Go to Users > All Users and choose the User for which you want to change the language. ( See screenshot below ) Note that WW Platform functions and other plugins might still be only available in English.

change user language

  • Internal – Improve internal upgrade process.
  • Bugfix – Fixed a bug in the Fastlinks V3 module and all modules using sliders.
  • Vitec – Added more data to Operations and Interior for objecttypes other than Vilas.
  • Cache – A little bugfix in how we deal with cache and how we clear it.
  • Vitec – Upgrade on our Vitec connection to show more data on ”Farms” and other objects with multiple buildings.

  • WordPress Admin – Small fixes to the layout of the Admin.
  • FAQ V1 – The popular FAQ module in Articles is also available as a normal Section now. So you can Add an FAQ outside an Article now. (See screenshot)

  • Event List V1 – Able to filter out passed events in module settings when filters are active in front-end.

  • Price Table V1 – Able to have 6 rows as max instead of 4.

  • Bugfix for an issue in the caching system that would stop menus and some other special pages from saving.
  • New feature that improves Cache solutions for client specific custom modules.
  • SEO improvement that removes an unnecessary redirects in the menu when using WPML.
  • New feature that improves Custom Post Types (CPT) with the possibility for listed content without having their own pages.
  • New module called Visitors Feedback to collect quick, low threshold feedback from visitors. This can provide raw but valuable insight in what visitors expect from the site.
  • Bugfix in the Submenu module with fading colors.

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