Social media (Social)

Social media (Social)

We reach out to your primary target audiences in ALL social channels

Have you ever clicked on a post that says “10 ways on how you can…? This is exactly what marketing is all about – drawing attention and engaging people. Whether it is a funny dance clip or a successful ad campaign by a brand, social channels enables interaction between people and paves the way for communication with the intended target audience in a way that wasn’t possible earlier. It’s in social media channels that companies have the possibilities to strengthen their brands and maintain relations with its customers.

There are no limits! The possibilities are endless and stretch from creating videos that are spread through Youtube to advertisements on Facebook or Instagram. With Innovative ideas and energy, a creative flow can be maintained that keeps the followers asking for more.

Strategies in the jungle. It can be difficult to single handedly organize the company’s digital marketing in a jungle of channels and information. Wasabi Web plan and build strategies, deciding which social channels that are the best fit for your business and how the content should be shared to “go viral”. We locate your target audience, choose the right channels, adapt and create content. By mixing qualitative copywriting (articles and blog posts) and interactive material (video and sound) we boost the quality of the posts and establish good conditions for an attractive flow that links to your website.

Channels we work with are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat and Youtube. More or less all the channels one could think of conducting marketing in. Do you want your company to be visible in your target audience’s media feeds? In that case, marketing through social channels is a great option.

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