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Here, we have gathered the answers to the most frequently asked customer questions about how a project with Wasabi Web works.

Before the project

How do we get started on a new website project?

The first step is a workshop with Wasabi Web, during which we find out what objectives the project needs to meet. The team from Wasabi Web listens, analyzes and comes up with hands-on suggestions for digital solutions that would fit your purposes, challenges and goals.

What information does Wasabi Web need before the project starts?


Access to Google Analytics:
– Add as a user with full editing rights, including the right to manage users.
– If you aren’t sure how to do this, take a look at the instructions here.

Brand profile:
– Send the fonts used in your graphic profile.
– Send logos in EPS, PDF or JPG.
– Send the colour codes for your brand colors.

If you don’t have a brand profile, Wasabi Web can produce this for you.

Images & video:
– Send images you would like to use on the website in high-resolution format.
– Rename all images in order for us to understand what pages they should be used for.

– Send all texts, that is not already on your old website, you would like to use on your new website, in a Word document.
– Remember to write headings above each piece of text, in order for us to understand where each text should go on the website.
– If you need help with search engine optimization (SEO) or writing texts, Wasabi Web can provide this for you.

Business goals:
– Let us know if there are any KPI’s for the project based on board directives or market groups.

Will I be able to update the website myself?


The basic production includes corrections and a training on how to administrate the web and make changes.

In addition to the website a WW Kundzon-account is included. WW Kunzon is a digital product created by the web agency Wasabi Web, that gives you insights in new updates, SEO-results and web statistics.

After the launch you can easily make changes yourself either based on the training you have received or based on the guides provided in WW Kundzon.

If you need help you are always welcome to contact our customer support for assistance. Support is charged either by the our or the time spent will be deducted from your service agreement.

The service agreement is an option that you can choose as an add on in addition to your website production.




Is there a demo for WW Platform?

Yes, there is.

Have a look at:

Which browsers are supported by websites built in WW Platform?

WW Platform actively supports the following browsers:

  • Chrome 85+
  • Firefox 81+
  • Safari 11+
  • Edge 85+

WW Platform does not actively support the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge Legacy

Wasabi Web’s code in our own product WW Platform does not actively support Internet Explorer or Edge Legacy. This is because Microsoft itself no longer supports them. A WW Platform can work on older browsers, but is not actively supported. Read more.

During the project

How do we continue the process after signing the contract?

We begin with an start-up meeting where we open a channel in Slack, which will be our main source of communication related to the project. In Slack, we will send you a complete list of material we need from you to be able to complete the website project. Wi will also provide you with a time plan (about 8-12 weeks) which includes follow-up meetings where we’ll show what we’ve created (design, texts, SEO-analysis) until you’re happy with the results.

The whole process takes about 8-12 weeks from signing the contract to launching your new website.

The project process step by step:
– Workshop. :clock330:
– Start-up meeting for SEO and web design. :clock330:
– Follow-up meeting: We present a SEO-analysis, copy and web design. :clock330:
– Training session where you will learn how to administrate the web.
– Administration, move of content and redirections from previous website. :clock330:
– Quality check of the website. :clock330:
– Launch. ?

What factors could possibly delay the project process?

Content management is a crucial part of the process, that might be overlooked by many, when creating a new website. To ensure that all deadlines are being met, we recommend that you let us take care of moving content and making redirections from your old web site. The reason behind why that is of high importance is to make sure not to lose any accumulated SEO-history that your current website has achieved.

The content management and redirections takes approximately 15 minutes per page. So if your current website, for example, have 300 pages that has been indexed by Google it will take approximately 75 hours to ensure the content management gets done. Its a time-consuming task but nonetheless important to do.

If you want to get the count on the number of pages on your current website you can enter site:domä on Google. You will get a count on all indexed pages on your current website that will need to be managed.

How do I get a API-key to get the right adress on Google Maps on the site?

Find our video guide on How to create a API-key for Google Maps:
Google API-key videoguide

Or follow these steps:
1. Click on Get started on URL: Google Cloud Platform Console
2. If you have an existing Google Account you can use that to log in, otherwise you can create a new account.
3. Choose Maps and Click Continue.
4. Write the projects/websites name.
5. Use existing payment method if that’s still valid, otherwise create a new Billing Account. Click Start My Free Trial. Remember that the free trail only lasts for 2 weeks. When they are up you need to log back in and let Google know if you wish to continue this service by paying for it. Don’t forget to read through the terms and conditions.
6. Choose HTTP, click on Add new item, add domain and click on Save.
7. Send the API key to Wasabi Web or add it in the settings on your website.

How does redirects of old URLs work?

Redirects of links on a current website to the new one is called 301-redirects. By following this short guide you can administrate the redirects yourself.

  1. Log in to WordPress.
  2. Click Tool and redirection.
  3. Source URL: Existing link/URL.
  4. Target URL: The new link/URL.
  5. Click Add Redirect to save.


Redirects are included in Wasabi Webs Content Management-package. The package includes us moving the content and managing the redirects from your current website. Estimated time per page for this service is 15 minutes.

The Content Management-package is charged by the hour, 1000 kr/hour. Or the time spent is deducted from your Service agreement that you can choose as an add on in addition to your website production.

How does the launching of a new website work?

We manage the launching process for you including adding the site to our hosting which gives you access to WW Kundzon.

WW Kundzon is a digital product created by the web agency Wasabi Web, that gives you insights on new updates, SEO-results and web statistics.

What information does Wasabi Web need to be able to launch a new website?

Technical information:
– Username and password for your current domain. (The company that you pay for renewal of your domain/domains).
– Username and password for your current web hotel.
– Username and password fot your database, SHH, FTP, unless we can access that through the dashboard in your web hotel.
– Username and password to your current CMS system (ex. WordPress).
– Contact information to your current web agency if we need any further information in order to launch the website.

Note: If you are uncertain of what company that hosts your domain or where the name servers points to you can use to find out. The name servers dictates where the website is hosted.

Does Wasabi Web manage the termination of old contracts?


We manage the termination of all your old supplier contracts once you become a Wasabi Web client. We move all parts of your website and associated services over to us and terminate your current contract. As well as make sure that you do not have to pay double amounts for the any services.

After the project - how can we help you?

How long does it take for the new website to show up after the launch?

From the time that we start the launch process some people will see the new website already after just 30 minutes. For others it might take up to 48 hours.
That all depends on which internet supplier each visitor has, since all DNS-registers have to redirect.

How do I access my new website?

When Wasabi Web produces a new website, the client can log in to an edit-version at:

When the website goes live, the edit-version disappears and is replaced by the live-version

A security pop-up window appears when I'm trying to log in, what should I do?

Once the website is launched you will get the security pop-up window the first time you log on. You need to add a separate username and password in the security pop-up in order to be able to access your website.

Contact us at and we’ll give you your security password.

Do I have to remember my password to login to my website?

Just get in touch with us at and we’ll help you set up a Mobilt BankID login.

Can I get customer support for my website after the launch?


As an add on to the website we can provide you with our Service agreement.

Read more about the Service agreement. 

We have multiple domains, will you secure that all of them gets redirected to the new website?


You need to supply us with all your domains and the technical details for each of them. We will take care of the rest of the process for redirecting them.

What is the next step once our new website is launched?

We will invite you to a follow-up meeting 3 months after the launch. During the meeting we will go through the statistics for the website in WW Kundzon.

If you, in addition to the website, also use our services for SEO and Google Ads you will receive monthly reports showing your results.


Contact information

Please call our switchboard: 018 700 80 10


Opening hours

Office hours, between 8-17


Operational status

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WW Kundzon

Log in to WW Kundzon

WW Kundzon is a digital product created by the web agency Wasabi Web. WW Kundzon gives our clients an opportunity to follow their digital results, such as SEO-ranking and conversion rate of their website.

Great web agency that helped us with SEO, new website, brand update, relocation of existing mail accounts and more. Our two latest websites have been built by Wasabi. Large team with broad knowledge!
Noel Abdayem
Founder, The Humble CO
This is the second time I hire Wasabi Web. Our first project for Telenor Arena (2013) resulted in an increase in sales of 59%. Lakritsroten gave an ROI by 400%. Hard to complain!
Erik Dahlén
Purchaser, Telenor Arena & Lakritsroten
It feels great to have Wasabi Web as our digital full-service provider. We are very glad to introduce this collaboration and it feels like Wasabi Web is just the right partner for us!
Clara Lindqvist
Commercial Partner Manager, Apollo
Wasabi is a prizewinner of the award Young Entrepreneurs of the Year in Sweden. "A newcomer in web development with a strong focus on its customers’ digital integrated solutions."
Young Entrepreneurs of the Year 2014
Entrepreneurs Sweden
Wasabi Web AB has five consecutive years been awarded the rating Soliditet AA, meaning that the company now exceeds 92% of its business in areas such as sustainability, security and good character. Wasabi Web has also won DI Gasell twice.
Bisnode Kredit / DI Gasell
The winner of the Social Action of the 2016 prize for the CSR project “UF Entrepreneurs of the year” – a scholarship instituted by Wasabi to promote entrepreneurship among young people.
Social Action of the Year 2016
Entrepreneurs Sweden

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