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Web development is Wasabi Web’s foundation. The product that all our other services originates from. Since 2012, we have developed premium web and e-commerce that users embrace and has generated results for more than 300 customers.

No matter what kind of web platform that we are developing at the moment it’s customized design is always designed based on the customer’s unique requirements and business goals. Combined with our aptitude for UX/UI-design and expertise in conversion optimization, we create a solution, element by element, entirely made with the intention to produce results.


How do we produce web that increase our customers’ performance?

ROI-driven – we start off with defining, during a creative workshop, the project’s main business goals and let them guide every part of the production.  

Agile web strategists – we work closely with the client throughout the project and are flexible in our project management.

Call to Action – we develop web solutions that makes the user engaged! With the right message, content and design choices, you are able to entertain a site or web shop that bring more leads and increase your sales.

SEO – a critical parameter in conversion optimization is search engine optimization. Through a SEO analysis, we map the search behavior of the site’s primary target groups and produce content that attracts the right visitors.

Magento 2 & WooCommerce – we lean towards the best e-commerce platforms.

Why have we chosen to become a digital full service agency? To succeed with an online venture is just like assemble a jigsaw puzzle- until all parts are in place you can’t maximize the outcome.

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