What is a web host?
To keep it simple you could say that a web hotel is a service that makes it possible to publish a website online – without having to have a physical server. In other words it’s a beneficial alternative since it basically means that you don’t have to spend valuable money on servers which can also be hard to run.

So why choose hosting from Wasabi Web?
Wasabi Web are strong believers in quality over quantity. With this mindset as a foundation we try to avoid overloading our web hotels with too many clients – while still having pricing equivalent to what our competition is charging. By focusing on quality rather than quantity it results in a more efficient support and better uptime, which in itself means that the website will very rarely go down.

Our servers are located at Bahnhof in Sweden at a hosting partner that make sure that all services are up and running and are working as they should. Backups are made regularly and backup-servers are also existent in the halls outside of Bahnhof – for the safety of your site.

Secure Hosting

To achieve the highest safety possible we use a variety of different techniques. Among others hardened Linux kernel with grec, as well as physical firewalls. Moreover, it is redundancy at all levels, ie in routers, firewalls, SAN, RAID for disks, etc.

For customers we use Parallels Plesk control panel to manage FTP, email, databases, domains, DNS editor and more. During the past 12 months we have had a total uptime of 99.93% – including planned maintenance.

Wasabi Web cares about our clients security online. Therefore, we offer two types of

hosting solutions.     
Wasabi Webs hosting package are called Secure Hosting and Secure Hosting +

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