Digital marketing in all relevant channels

Digital marketing with your goals in focus

When we have finished building a new web site or e-commerce service only half of the work is done. The next, and just as important phase, consists of spreading the word about the new site in various digital channels and through marketing campaigns to increase the traffic and results.

With thorough SEO analysis, Adwords advertisements, content marketing, social media management, A/B testing, user tests and other effective digital marketing tools we make sure the right kind of traffic is attracted to your web site. Don’t forget, many conversions start with a search! Every action that is a part of Wasabi Webs conversion cycle is done in purpose to set up the prerequisites, so that you as a client can reach the goals for your return on investment.

Digital marketing with Wasabi Web includes:

  • SEO-analysis (Search Engine Optimisation) that enables a higher Google position and in other search engines.
    Content marketing – intriguing articles/posts that catches the user’s attention.
  • Social media strategies for all your social channels.
  • Adwords advertisements customized after the target audience’s mapped out user behaviour.
  • A/B tests / user tests to determine what design solution generates the most sales at your website.
  • Constant focus on marketing related measures that increases the total sales numbers and traffic flow that corresponds to ROI (Return On Investment).

Interested of increasing the traffic flow to your website with a digitial agency that knows how to direct traffic and boost your sales numbers? In that case, we look forward to your call!

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