Niclas Eriksson på Wasabi Web

Niclas Eriksson – Head of customer relations

Wasabi Web is a relatively young company, something that is also reflected in the low average age in the office. To shape a functioning team is often a balancing act between the combination of youthful drive and proven experience. Niclas is often the latter on web agency. With his extensive industry background as a consultant helping Niclas through its role as a support person with invaluable lessons to his younger guard. Niclas make every effort so our customer service will serve as a safe point for customers who have urgent questions or problems encountered. A kind of spider in the web.

When Niclas checks out for the day on the web agency that does not mean the end of work. Except that he without the slightest tinge of lament every morning commute from the outskirts of Gävle to Uppsala Niclas exhibits a tireless thirst for new knowledge. In addition to the job given to the majority of the time is spent training in the IT field.

C, C ++, C #, PHP / MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX and XML, HTML (HTML5 / XHTML) and CSS is a selection of the programming / scripting language that Niclas mastered and trained in!

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