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Content marketing

You may have heard about the new buzzword within marketing, content marketing! The definition itself is not new, but has existed in different guises through the years. But basically, it comes down to one thing – making your customer smarter by emphasizing on more
qualitative content and thereby shaping a desired customer behaviour!

Content marketing is about creating an interest and building a positive image of companies by spreading content that engages people! The keywords here are loyalty, quality and awareness. The material in content marketing is not supposed to be selling as in a commercial campaign, but shall instead broadcast material that is interesting, fulfilling, educating, useful or humoristic. Methods that affects the recipient’s will – especially at the long term!

Aside from strengthening the company’s legitimacy, content marketing is also the new way to perform search engine optimization since the posts being published are not only qualitative, but also optimized.

Content marketing can be anything from videos to a strategy for how blog posts should be shared at social media. We at Wasabi Web help you set up a media strategy for how you can succeed in making a complete content marketing plan, and we will do everything for you to get smarter customers!

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