Adwords & SEM

AdWords & SEM

Advertising that generate sales

Aside from being developed in terms of conversion rate optimization (CRO) with clear goals, it is vital that the right group of visitors land on the relevant page on your website. This part is called digital marketing, which is where Google AdWords, pay-per-click, have a key role. Through in-depth measurements, well defined analysis and continuous follow ups, enough material is collected to improve the quality of the visitor’s profile and in the long term, improve the results. This is what AdWords is about, finding the most profitable search terms that increases your income.


Why choose AdWords with Wasabi Web?

It is quite simple. By letting us handle your Google AdWords advertisements we handle how the campaigns should be shaped, which includes yours and ours suggestions of search key words and landing pages, define customer segments and also make a geographic demarcation. We make sure your digital marketing reaches its maximal potential. It is important to see AdWords advertising as a continuous process. The landscape of the Internet changes, which affects the variety of users search behaviour, thereby turning AdWords advertising into a flexible process.

AdWords can be used to continuously evaluate, analyse and follow up on advertisements and search terms – all done in order to direct the right kind of visitors to your website and to make them convert.


4 reasons to choose AdWords with Wasabi Web

  • We make sure the right customers visit the relevant landing pages.
  • We make sure to catch your target audience.
  • We manage everything while you handle your company.
  • We are transparent through the whole process.

Interested of increasing the traffic flow to your site with AdWords? In that case, we look forward to your call.

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